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Previously Asked Questions:

Ken – My garage door doesn’t seem to seal like it used to. I’m noticing some water in the garage after it rains. What can I do? Robert M. – Cobleskill, NY

Robert, there could be a couple of things causing this. Depending on the age of your door the seal could be worn or damaged. Try pulling down on the door when it’s closed and see if there’s room for it to go down further, if so, your door could be in need of a simple adjustment, if not, you may need your bottom seal replaced.

Hey Ken – Your guys just finished up my door and it looks great! Please extend my thanks. Mary C – Rexford, NY

Mary, Thank you for the kudos! I appreciate it. I will let the guys know. All my best!

Mr. Harrington – When I push the button on my door opener the door goes down just fine but when it reached the bottom it immediately goes back up. What’s “up” with that? Bruce T – Delmar, NY

Bruce, I don’t have a quick answer for that. It could be a few different things from the limit switches, maybe a circuit board, or the sensors to name a few. Please call me at the office 348-0444 or let me know when a good time is to call you so I can help clarify the issue. If you have the make, model, and age of the opener that will help.

Ken – Just recently we noticed, actually my wife did, that our door looks crooked when it’s going up and down. Any idea? Travis C – Troy, NY

Travis, my guess would be that either one of the cables has stretched; you have a bad roller(s), or possibly a bad spring. I recommend having one of our tech’s come out to take a look and not trying to make an adjustment yourself. Either way please call us at the office, we may be able to give you some advice and save you the service call.

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