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We’re glad you made your way to this page. Inspecting your garage door cables literally takes 2 minutes. It just might be the most important inspection you do.

Inspect your cables with your door in both the up and closed position. Take a peek at the cables running along either side and look for any fraying or kinking at any point on the cable. We sometimes use a small flashlight to trace the cable for easier viewing. A frayed cable is unsafe and should be replaced. A kinked cable is usually indicative of a problem your garage door had during operation and should also be investigated.

If you happen to find either of these two issues please call us so we can help you determine the severity. NOTE: Please, we urge you, do not to attempt to replace garage door cables yourself. They are under heavy tension and can be dangerous. Please call a trained service company for this type of repair even if it’s not us.

The Overhead Door™ Help Line: (800) 688-4312

If they look straight, smooth, and intact you’re all set.

Nice work everybody!

Your Overhead Door™ Team

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