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Call Jim, The Irishman

Salesman (noun): a man whose job involves selling or promoting commercial products, either in a store or visiting locations to get orders. One of our core beliefs is providing customers with free, no obligation quotes, on their time and most often at their home. Inviting someone into your home 20 years ago whether you knew … Continued

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The Overlooked Garage Door

When you shop for a new car does your sales person walk you to the most expensive car on the lot first? How about the least expensive? Probably not. I’ve found that most sales people want to maximize their effort and through some well thought out questions try to fit you into the best value … Continued

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When To Professionally Service Your Garage Door

In many other articles we have outlined the basic maintenance you can perform on your door. Using these tips can help you extend the life of your garage door and thus protect your investment. There is a point, or points, when you should call in a professional to do a complete safety inspection and have … Continued

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Your Shed and Our Garage Doors

The typical Monday morning conversation turned into something I personally hadn’t considered. This Monday was extra special as the NFL football season just wrapped up the official Sunday opening. Ken, our General Manager, is an enormous Dallas Cowboys fan and I always treasure the banter after they lose. I’m not a Cowboys fan by the … Continued

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Delivery Truck Doors – New Program Announced

Overhead Door of Albany™ makes it easier for delivery drivers to get their truck doors repaired. ALBANY NY, Sep 05, 2014 – Small business owners providing delivery service rely on their trucks to support their families. The door on the back of the truck is how products get delivered. With this in mind Overhead Door … Continued

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Unloading Your Garage Door

Read this post with the understanding that I just completed a couple of hours helping unload a tractor trailer full of garage doors. There is no easy way to do this. By easy I mean using a forklift or some other fancy schmancy piece of machinery to offload such product. It is all done one … Continued

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Control Your Garage Door with a Smart Phone?

It’s not a typo, you read it correctly, and it’s true. First there came the electric Garage Door Opener, then came the remote control, then came cars with built in transmitters, and now you can control your garage door opener with your smart phone. Available on both Apple and Android devices these apps allow you … Continued

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The Showroom is Open

At the core of how we’re different than the “other guys’ is our ability to come meet you at your home or place of business. We offer free onsite visits along with garage door estimates and design consultations. On top of that we have a pretty neat little tool that allows you to upload a … Continued

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I Backed Into My Garage Door

I think maybe when all cars or trucks on the road are required to have backup cameras this issue may go away entirely. This does happen and more frequently than you’d think. When a vehicle and a garage door try to break the laws of physics and attempt to occupy the same space the car … Continued

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Garage Door Clearance Happening Now

Very few people have a garage as large as ours. The garage we use can be categorized as more of a warehouse. Although true we do get 6 vehicles inside every night, out of the elements, we also have a large portion of our inventory stored here as well. About once a year we peruse … Continued

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