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Garage Door Service Reminders – YDAP has arrived

Overhead Door of Albany™ is proud to announce the completion of the Your Door Alert Program (YDAP). Garage door owners in the greater Capital Region now have access to this FREE program which will send out automatic alerts to registered users with timely information on door inspection, lubrication, and safety.

Dave Ripley, the owner of Overhead Door of Albany™, says “I am excited to finally have this system in place. From being just a concept and now to see it implemented is something we’re proud of. I hope customers in our service area take full advantage of the program.”

YDAP has been designed to provide personalized reminders for garage door owners. These reminders have been developed using the 20+ years of experience the staff at Albany OHD has acquired.

Of course some garage door repairs can’t be avoided but all too often we’ve been called out to a local business or home for a garage door repair or service that could have been completely avoided if some basic door maintenance was performed at regular intervals. We know it’s not the customers fault. Most garage doors are engineered for long life as they should be. Most customers don’t give much thought to their garage door unless it’s not working properly or is in need of repair because it’s broken. With the addition of YDAP if we can help save area residents the expense of a repair or the frustration that can go with a garage door that’s not working then that’s what we’re going to do, it’s just the right thing.

The YDAP system compliments the area’s leading Preventive Maintenance Program that Overhead Door of Albany™ already offers. When combined with a professional annual tune up YDAP is very valuable. YDAP will let you know when it is time to perform specific tests on both your door and electric garage door opener (if equipped). It also provides additional reminders on garage door parts inspection and what to do if you find something is starting to go awry.

YDAP alerts provide action information that is specifically designed to take no more than 5 minutes of a participant’s time in most cases. These quick little notifications will help insure your door or opener are in proper working order and if an issue is found allows the user to simply reply to the alert and the appropriate specialist will be notified to assist the user.

Because of our years of experience you can also enter your information on any Make or Model garage door, not just the Overhead Door™ brand. This helps benefit everyone.


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