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Your Shed and Our Garage Doors

The typical Monday morning conversation turned into something I personally hadn’t considered.

This Monday was extra special as the NFL football season just wrapped up the official Sunday opening. Ken, our General Manager, is an enormous Dallas Cowboys fan and I always treasure the banter after they lose. I’m not a Cowboys fan by the way. My team, well, let’s just say they went to the Championship 4 years in a row and came away with exactly no rings.

Anyhow, I was explaining that next summer I have decided to tear down my existing backyard shed and was constructing a larger more stable structure to house and secure the “stuff” I have accumulated. Apparently a backyard full of items under tarps does not fit in with my wife’s idea of landscaping.

One thing I know for sure is that I will be installing a garage door. I need a large opening so I can drive my stuff in and out. Quite frankly I have also grown tired of replacing the shed door every 3 years or so anyway so a nice Overhead Door™ brand Garage Door, custom made for my application is in order.

Ken asks me how much headroom am I going to have. Not an unusual question from a garage door guy and I have to humor him because, again, the Cowboys just lost and I probably owe him that. I told him I would end up with at least 14” of headroom. He then says will you be using the rafters for storage? Of course I reply, don’t we all? The rafters are a great place to store stuff you don’t use all the time and eventually provides a nice location for you to find things you’ve been missing for decades, right?

He then tells me I don’t want a traditional sectional garage door. The tracks and springs are going to be in the way and the maintenance on a door in a small structure that could heave and twist would be difficult overtime. So I say, what other option do I have that’s affordable? He recommends a rolling steel door and continues to let me know that the it can be installed either inside or outside, has no hinges, a slender maintenance free track system and, most importantly, a concealed spring that is out of the elements.

But I can’t afford that. He tells me that the value line of rolling shed doors can be built in almost any size and are only marginally more costly than a traditional door and when you factor in the low maintenance they really are the best choice. Plus your rafters will always be exposed.

Imagine that! A product I knew we carried but never really considered them for this application.

If you are building a shed or have an existing opening and would consider a roll up door for your shed let us know. We’ll come out and look at your opening free of charge and give you a quote. According to Ken you’ll be surprised.

Your Overhead Door™ Team

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