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If This Then That with Garage Door Openers

Now that I have a full 3 weeks under my belt answering phones and assisting the great customers in our service area my training is almost complete. Almost.

Here’s what I have learned in my short stint so far. I hope you find some of these common issues and their simple resolutions helpful.

IF THIS: You press the remote or the wall button for your garage door opener and your garage door goes up a few inches and then stops.

THEN THAT: Look up to your garage door spring(s). In most cases you have a broken spring. If you have torsion springs (located above your door mounted on the wall) you will most likely see one of them in 2 pieces. The other most common spring is an extension spring and they will be located on the back part of the upper track and “extend” when the door goes down. Call a service company to replace it for you.

IF THIS: You think the battery in your remote control for your garage door opener is bad and you change it but it still doesn’t work.

THEN THAT: There’s a good change you have one of two things going on. 1 – The remote needs to be re-programmed (consult your manual for re-programming) or 2 – One of the terminals the battery touches is corroded. This corrosion usually happens on the negative side of the battery and all you need to do is scrape or sand it down a little to make better contact with the battery.

IF THIS: Your garage door opener only works if you press and hold down the wall button console.

THEN THAT: You most likely have an issue with your safety photo eyes. In most cases they come out of alignment especially during the winter months when they get bumped by shovels or garbage containers. This is a quick fix. Using your hand simply rotate one of the eyes slightly until they become re-aligned. Test and adjust again if necessary. A quick call to your local garage door service company can be very helpful too. NOTE: If your garage door, when attempting to close it, only moves a short distance or not at all, this could indicate an issue with the photo eyes as well.

Here at Overhead Door of Albany™ we’re glad to assist by phone if possible. This is not always the case with other companies and we are by no means implying that this information will or should be given willfully by someone else. Your garage door is large and in almost every case, very heavy. We always recommend you seeking the advice and or service by trained professionals. If nothing else, with these tips, you can help whomever is on the phone with you diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.

Your Overhead Door of Albany™ Team

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