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Insurance and Your Garage Door

This post is not what you think, well maybe a little. In some cases damaging your garage door may be covered by insurance. I’m not an insurance guy but I know from experience there are specific instances when garage door damage is covered. I don’t know what your coverage may be, deductible is, nor am I making any statement you should act upon. What I do know is that we do repairs and installations when a homeowner makes an insurance claim, which brings me to my thoughts.

Now I fully understand that an insurance adjuster has a job to do. They’re the folks who request estimates and compare them to similar cases to make a determination on coverage and payment amounts. They also, in some cases, get multiple quotes from multiple companies to get the best deal for their company. If they can get the same work done for less money then that’s a good thing for them. Hopefully the homeowner ends up happy and we get a little work from it so we’re happy. It can be win-win-win and that’s what everyone is hoping for.

We do get a fair amount of those calls. What seems odd to me is that almost every time we speak with an adjuster we get the job and that gives me pause. Let me explain.

I’ve spoken and written a bunch of articles explaining why we’re not the least expensive company you can find. We take great pride in the level of service we provide, having highly trained technicians, industry leading warranties, and providing support well after the service. Just those 3 things do come with a cost and one that we have found is well worth it for customer satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong. We’re not leaps and bounds higher, in regards to pricing, than some of the other companies, but that’s not the point here.

The point is that if we know we’re not the cheapest and we provide quotes to adjusters who may have other “bids” in hand, and they award us the job, then what the heck are the other companies providing as a cost of their services in these cases? I have one simple question banging around my head. Do they (our competitors) quote differently when then think an insurance company is footing the bill? Furthermore, does that make sense, to anyone? On a few different levels it certainly makes me look at them a little differently.

Collectively our jobs are to make money for our respective companies, I totally get that. Dave Ripley is the owner here at Overhead Door Company of Albany™ and he is the epitome of integrity, honesty, detail, and professionalism. I respect him for that and follow his lead in all respects, so does our team. We all know there will always be bumps in the road considering the nature of our business but reflecting on those 4 attributes has served us, and our customers, very well. So yes, we make money, but not by modifying pricing or looking for a windfall based on the situation. We do it by providing you with the best possible products and services you can get at reasonable prices for all involved. In the end I believe that our way of conducting business is the honorable way. I hope you do too.

Your Overhead Door of Albany™ Team

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