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Overhead Door of Albany™ – Customer Service from the Top

We understand that you have many choices when seeking out a garage door for your home. In today’s “digital-connected-mobile-internet” world you can do a tremendous amount of research without ever leaving the comfort of your home and we get that. First, it’s easy. Second, it’s comfortable and third, you run absolutely no risk of purchasing pressure. We get that too. We’ve taken the appropriate steps to make sure we have just about every possible detail covered from that perspective as well. So sit back visit our websites and more importantly look at our social media too because that’s where you get the feel for a company, its culture, and commitment.

Overhead Door of Albany™ takes it just a few steps further because we also know that once you make a decision to reach out to a company for your needs we need to be readily available, friendly, honest, and willing to help you in your quest.

It starts from the top around these parts. Dave Ripley and his wife Kimberley are the owner operators here. A portion of their staff is comprised of their children and one of the first things you will notice is the family feel at the store. Grabbing that front door handle of a new company and swinging the door open, with absolutely no idea what you’ll find inside can be intimidating so we’ve made that easier too. You’ll be greeted by a friendly “good morning” or the appropriate greeting for the time of day you arrive. The first thing you’ll see is an entire setup of operational Garage Doors and Garage Door openers for your scrutiny and entertainment (at least that’s what I use them for). I believe they have hidden the remotes on me because for the past few days I haven’t been able to find them and when I ask I only get a sly shoulder shrug.

The next thing you’ll notice is how comfortable the surroundings are. Special attention was taken to create a wide open area where you can move freely and easily along with a service desk that has been made intentionally meek so as not to create a large barrier between you, the customer, and Dave’s friendly staff. I can assure you there will be no pressure at all just simple hometown service backed by big city products and professionals.

Those are just some of the fine details that Dave insists on because he knows that building a business is far more than advertising and volume of sales calls. It’s about building relationships with real people whether it be a contractor or large company looking for Commercial Overhead Doors or a next door neighbor who’s looking to upgrade or replace a part on an old worn out door. It’s who he is, what he believes, and it’s in his very DNA.

When asked about customer service in todays competitive Garage Door environment Dave simply replies “It’s not about getting the job done on time and receiving payment. To me, it’s about how the customer feels about our entire process. If we’ve answered all their questions, addressed all their concerns, done our part professionally, in a friendly manner and they feel like part of the Overhead Door™ family, only then can we consider the job completed.”

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