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Shut Down and Down Shut

I have a rule. The rule is no politics or religion discussions at work. I’ve had this rule for over 12 years and it’s worked well. There are very few other topics that are so polarizing and can create such heated exchanges in a short period of time. Plus, I believe that your personal opinions should be just that, personal. I am only slightly breaking that rule today to make a point.

Today is October 16th, 2013. Our government has been shut down for a while now and although I read voraciously I still don’t exactly know the real reasons. I know it has something to do with one party not agreeing with the other or the apparent inability for anyone to reach a sensible agreement. If it’s a training class in negotiations that’s ultimately needed I say they give 37 cents to any five-year-old and send them to the drug store counter to buy a pack of gum and watch how easily they get what they want without enough money, just sayin.

Shutdown has such a negative connotation. When you use that word with some other descriptors it can become really ugly. The impending shutdown of the Naval Yard will cause the loss of……. The unexpected shutdown of the reactor caused……. I was driving at 72mph and out of nowhere the engine just shutdown. You get the picture.

In our line of business the shutdown is something we strive for everyday. We not only want your garage door to go up but also down. If your door closes shut it’s in the down position and that’s a good thing. Your car and belongings are now safe and secure inside your garage.

So, from our point of view, we want the shutdown to last years and years. Our products are engineered to do just that. The next time, in the next 12 seconds or so, you hear the word shutdown think of your Overhead Door™. That will make the current mess easier to handle psychologically.

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