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Your Garage Door and 1970’s Television

Remember when Bruce Wayne was on the TV in the afternoons? Before cable TV in most cases. When we look back at those programs we now know that the graphics weren’t great and the writing was straight out of a comic book but that was as good as it got back then. The two crime fighters scaling a building using only their hands and a rope with the capes being held up with mostly invisible wire. Having so many tools on their belts that they were never at a loss for the prefect solution to any super villains attempt to subdue you. I remember those well and my kids think they’re totally corny. In my opinion it was better but I do enjoy the new versions.

You’re probably asking yourself what is a Garage Door Company doing writing about an old original TV series? Some of the highlights of those shows were the fight scenes and the visual aids that were provided for, what I can only imagine, was impact surrounded by levity since violence was politically incorrect back then. If we were going to attempt to equate those TV shows with garage doors and some of the service issues you may have our version of levity would look something like this.

This noise, generally speaking, indicates a broken garage door cable. Cables snap for a few reasons but mostly from age and wear and tear. They break when your door is being operated so we can assume that for the most part you are in earshot when they decide to let go of your door.

If you have a roller that has gone bad or has been worn over the years it’s likely you’ll hear the crunching noise of that little guy trying to perform the task he was designed to do but now is bad shape. Even if you’ve kept his bearings well lubricated during his life he’s still going to wear out from contact with your door tracks all this time.

What other component on your garage door could possibly make this noise. It’s the springs of course and the Boing can be a spring actually breaking or struggling to do the job it’s intended to do. Either way your springs should not make much, if any noise, when your door is operating. If you hear this sound contact your local garage door experts for assistance or advice.

This is the worst sound ever. Almost all of us have heard this at one time or another coming from our garage door. If you have young children you have already figured out what I’m speaking of. It’s a beautiful Saturday and you’re in the garage puttering around when you here a large boom. Chances are little Johnny is in the driveway kicking a soccer ball against the door not knowing you’re inside. Once you get your heart rate back under control you’ll probably raise your door and have a little chat. There are other times when a garage door could make a boom, when not a sports event, but we’ll assume that when that happens your next call is to an Overhead Door Company™ in your area.

We know that when you’re garage door is in need of repair you probably haven’t expected it. Maybe the next time your door makes one of these sounds you’ll take just a moment to reflect on some early 70’s television and that will help lessen the frustration.

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