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It’s a Garage Door Service Saturday

Today is my day to work Saturday. We rotate the responsibility between 4 of us so technically we each get one Saturday per month. Saturday is a great day to be in the office because it gives you time to work on projects and clean up any details you may have left dangling from the week.

We have trucks on the road on Saturdays too. Our history tells us that having service on Saturdays works out quite well, ideally in some cases, for the awesome customers we serve. Your schedule is hectic just like ours and sometimes fixing or installing a garage door on the weekend makes perfect sense.

What’s also neat about Saturday are the customers that come to visit the showroom. It’s nice to have a wide-open schedule for both the team at Overhead Door™ and, more importantly, you the customer. Keep in mind that I’m in no way telling you that weekdays limit the amount of time or level of detail we can and will provide but in many cases the homeowner is on a schedule. But on Saturdays it’s not unusual to spend upwards of an hour with folks looking to see, feel, and hear a garage door operate. We have fully functional garage doors setup in our showroom.

Together we can scrutinize colors and textures. We can go step by step through the product brochures and manuals carefully explaining each little piece of information. Things like R-Value, our manufacturing process, and warranty information are the usual suspects and I, for one, am proud to show you why Overhead Door™ continues to be the industry leader in all these areas.

Of course there is always that main discussion of price. I simply love the reaction I get when you realize that if we’re talking apples to apples regarding other manufacturers that we’re provide better products for the same and in some cases less than others.

It happened this morning, which prompted me to compose this post.

I had no idea that I was “up against” two other quotes that the customer had procured. I was asked how much for all this so I quickly computed a price. Her first reaction was “Are you sure?” Yes I was sure. Apparently I was almost $800 dollars lower than either of the other two quotes. She went on to go over my quote line by line to be sure we weren’t missing something. By the end of the conversation we had booked an appointment to come look at her opening and confirm the measurements.

That’s a great day in my book. Something I would’ve missed out on if we weren’t here. Saturdays are important for not only our business but also for you and your convenience. We’re here, come on in for a cup of coffee and see what we have to offer.

Your Overhead Door of Albany™ Team

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