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When To Professionally Service Your Garage Door

In many other articles we have outlined the basic maintenance you can perform on your door. Using these tips can help you extend the life of your garage door and thus protect your investment. There is a point, or points, when you should call in a professional to do a complete safety inspection and have … Continued

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I Backed Into My Garage Door

I think maybe when all cars or trucks on the road are required to have backup cameras this issue may go away entirely. This does happen and more frequently than you’d think. When a vehicle and a garage door try to break the laws of physics and attempt to occupy the same space the car … Continued

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Garage Door Clearance Happening Now

Very few people have a garage as large as ours. The garage we use can be categorized as more of a warehouse. Although true we do get 6 vehicles inside every night, out of the elements, we also have a large portion of our inventory stored here as well. About once a year we peruse … Continued

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The Ecosystem of 2014

Those of you who follow my blog already know that I read a lot. My preferred subject matter is all over the board so nailing it down to just one type is impossible. Everything from food to technology, sports and no limit hold ‘em to name a few. One thing that keeps popping up over … Continued

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Garage Door Hinges

The lowly garage door hinges. Often neglected, rarely considered. They just keep on doing their job day after day, year after year. One of the most integral parts of your garage door is the hinge. We like to think of them as the connectors. They allow your garage door sections to remain connected and bend … Continued

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Your Garage as a Living Space

Maybe I just never noticed before but I feel like I am seeing more and more garages being turned into living space. There was always one house on my block that had a DIY screen in place of the garage door but that was because they had two large dogs that they left in there … Continued

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Upgrading your Garage Door

Obviously we see this all the time but sometimes the change is so dramatic it’s worth commenting on. Some people upgrade their doors when they move into a new home. Some just want a change to match a specific color or create some symmetry between new trim on their house with a new door. But … Continued

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It’s a Garage Door Service Saturday

Today is my day to work Saturday. We rotate the responsibility between 4 of us so technically we each get one Saturday per month. Saturday is a great day to be in the office because it gives you time to work on projects and clean up any details you may have left dangling from the … Continued

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Make Your Garage Door Smile

I had a thought the other day. I don’t know really where these things come from. Apparently I have them more frequently than I realize, according to my wife that is. We are the Red Ribbon Company. Our corporate logo is a Ribbon, yes a red one. Ribbons can mean a lot of things. We … Continued

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We Meet for You

I have not been in the garage door business, at Overhead Door of Albany™, that long. I have, however, installed garage doors as a helper more years ago than I care to mention but today my role is different. I continue to learn and grow with one of these learning sessions being held earlier in … Continued

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