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Make Your Garage Door Smile

I had a thought the other day. I don’t know really where these things come from. Apparently I have them more frequently than I realize, according to my wife that is.

We are the Red Ribbon Company. Our corporate logo is a Ribbon, yes a red one. Ribbons can mean a lot of things. We can tie a ribbon around an old oak tree (that sounds like a good title for a song) or we can put ribbons on our hair, well not mine, I have none or very little. Ribbons at the fair can mean you have the nicest looking cow or have one the tractor-pulling contest. Ribbons on your lapel indicate your support of a cause or remembrance of something special. They’re everywhere.

I think, and this is just a suggestion not intended to get me in any hot water, that our Ribbon should be flipped over. When you have our products serviced or installed I think it should be mandatory that we affix our ribbon to our work indicating our pride and commitment to quality. Additionally, it could be a reminder to you that you’ve made an awesome choice for your garage door needs and your garage door is happy to see you every time you come home!

Just sayin………….

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