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Overhead Garage Doors – It’s about the Ribbon, Always

There’s a reason that Red Ribbon says The Genuine. The Original. and that’s because it’s not only who we are it’s the truth. 1921 was a good year for garage doors, or more specifically, the upward-lifting garage door. You see, that was the year C.G. Johnson invented them and the Overhead Door™ brand was born. He went on to also create the electric garage door opener just 5 years later but that’s a story for a different time.

Overhead Doors™ are synonymous with quality and I have proof. Not a long winded sales presentation of about how the Overhead Door™ brand of products is engineered from the start to be reliable and long lasting. I won’t mention the innovation (again, it was invented here) nor the myriad of styles and colors they are available in at this moment. You can see those from your computer right there on

Like I said I have proof. I’m going to try and make this as clear as I can in my own words. I have a fairly long commute each morning and afternoon to work here at Overhead Door of Albany™. I see a lot of vehicles on the road in the morning as I travel fairly early and, as you could expect, I see a lot of service vehicles on the road at that time hustling as well. I see plumbers vans, carpenter trucks, and air conditioning vehicles to name a few. Those trucks tell me that there are other people out there trying to make a living based almost solely on their own reputation and service. I applaud those sole proprietors who work dawn to dusk to make a buck and support their families. The trucks and service vehicles that make me smile the most are the other Garage Door companies that also service the fine people in our surrounding communities. You’d think that I’d have some semblance of animosity towards them but I really don’t because the folks driving those trucks aren’t my competition. For the most part their just doing their jobs as prescribed by the owners of those companies and we have those guys too but ours are the best, no question. My smile comes from the names of their companies.

Think about it. When was the last time you had a conversation in your driveway with a neighbor and you said let me go in my Overhead and grab my rake and give you a hand. Or, I think I have a post hole digger, let me check in my Overhead. You’ve probably never uttered those words but rather substituted the word “garage” for Overhead instead, and correct you’d be.

We sell garage doors, we service garage doors, our company brand name is Overhead Door Company™. Our name is synonymous with Garage Doors just like Kleenex is with tissue or Q-tip with cotton swabs. Have you ever seen any advertising for Puffs that says “Puffs facial Kleenex with Aloe”? Me neither cause they wouldn’t do that. But………… remember those competitors I mentioned earlier along with my corresponding smile? They do it, and they broadcast it all the time! I see XYZ Overhead Doors ™ or Overhead Doors ™ by ABC all the time on my commute. Do a quick Google and see what I mean. 100’s and maybe 1000’s of companies nationwide do it every day. It’s like our very own unpaid advertising.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Why would they do that? Would they do that if Overhead Door™ stood for shoddy quality? Would they do that if Overhead Door™ had a horrible reputation for lousy service? Would they do that if Overhead Door™ didn’t stand squarely behind their products? Nope, they wouldn’t do it if any of those were true, in fact, they’d most likely try to separate themselves from that name as much as possible. We know why they do it and so do they. They do it because we are well known for outstanding quality, uncompromising service, and the best warranties in the business. Where I work, Overhead Door of Albany, NY™ we are the epitome of those traits.

So the next time you’re looking for a new garage door, garage door opener or need a repair on your existing door take a good hard look at the name of the company you’re talking to. If it’s not one of us they may have our name in theirs but we’ve got something they don’t; The Red Ribbon. That’s your assurance and don’t just take our word for it, just check our competitor names.

The Genuine. The Original.

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