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The Ecosystem of 2014

Those of you who follow my blog already know that I read a lot. My preferred subject matter is all over the board so nailing it down to just one type is impossible. Everything from food to technology, sports and no limit hold ‘em to name a few.

One thing that keeps popping up over the past few years is the use of the word ecosystem. I can recall in my elementary school days building an ecosystem inside a fishbowl with moss, ferns, and dirt. A self-sustaining little system with nothing more than a few hours of sunshine each day was what we were trying to accomplish.

Today this word is thrown around all over the place. Companies like Apple and Google take the lead from what I am seeing. If you own an iPhone you are already aware that once you’ve spent a decent amount of time with your new toy you find that wanting to make a change to another device is a hard decision because you’ve already invested a sizable amount of time learning the phone not to mention the dollars you’ve dropped getting cool little apps and music. Same goes for Google. Those of you who’ve had your Gmail account for any length of time probably would have a hard time leaving since most of your friends, household finances and services are tied to that Gmail address. This also extends to Android phones from Google with their own ecosystem built to keep you on board and evolve enough to keep you interested and up to date on the latest and greatest.

I’m not saying it’s good or bad. I have an iPhone and am somewhat stuck at this point but I’m satisfied with the product for sure.

Here in garage door land we have our own little ecosystem. To all our current customers we’re glad you’re here with us. Being an Overhead Door™ customer means you are already included in our industry leading warranty programs. You also have access to changing the design of your door through thoughtful accessories and upgrades developed to keep your Overhead Door™ looking and running great.

Those of you in the Overhead Door of Albany™ ecosystem enjoy the comfort of knowing we’re here for you when a need arises. We keep extended hours of operation for your convenience and we have a group of technicians that are fully involved with your satisfaction.

So being in our ecosystem is much different than some of the aforementioned companies. We do a good job for you, you tell someone, we do a good job for them, they tell someone, and so on. Ours is built expressly for you.

Your Overhead Door of Albany™Team

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