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The Garage Door Midway Experience

We’ve talked at great length about how great our garage door service is, why we’re different, how we innovate every day, and what exactly you can expect when you make a call to us. There is still one thing that we cannot overcome and that is the reputation of others.

As much as we try to be differently better it still comes down to how our industry treats its customers as a whole. I would say, for the most part, that we collectively do a good job. Some better than others but all in all a good job.

There are still some garage door service companies that even in today’s world consciously choose to do business in more of a State Fair Midway style. In other words pretend you’re at the Fair and you’re strolling through the Midway with so much eye-catching neon light it’s almost blinding. Add to that each individual vendor squawking from their booth trying to get your attention that it’s just hard to enjoy yourself. I’ve even felt a little pressure to stop at a booth, drop a $5.00 bill, all in the hopes of winning a goldfish even when I know the odds are stacked against me. This section of the Fair is designed for one thing and one thing only. Grab as much cash as they possibly can, let you try to win a prize that even if you do has very little cost to the vendor, with the understanding that they’ll likely never see you again.

Well, in the garage door business we’re not talking about a $5.00 bill now are we?

But they’re out there. We take phone calls from customers who’ve had the Midway experience and we do everything in our power to make sure you know we understand what happened and to assure you that it is not the norm. You deserve better, much better.

We promise to give you honest, up front, information even if we think you don’t want to know it. We promise to provide the best possible experience no matter the job. We promise you’ll have our full undivided attention no matter what else we have going on. We promise to respect your decision.

So here we are, Overhead Door Company of Albany™, providing the friendliest and most professional service possible in our area. To top it all off our prices are the same, if not better, in many situations. How do we do it you ask? The answer is simple. We’re a family run, family operated business. It’s not an option to provide you with less than the world class service you deserve.

Don’t let any door company make you feel like you’re at the Fair. It doesn’t have to be that way, we promise.

Your Overhead Door™ Team

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