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I have not been in the garage door business, at Overhead Door of Albany™, that long. I have, however, installed garage doors as a helper more years ago than I care to mention but today my role is different. I continue to learn and grow with one of these learning sessions being held earlier in the week in beautiful Hartford Connecticut.

The meeting/seminars are held a few times a year with micro-meetings held more frequently. This one brought Overhead Door™ distributors from around the Northeast Region. It’s refreshing to meet and exchange ideas with other people with like businesses. We get so swept up in our own little worlds that our focus sometimes begins to narrow.

In my previous career I attended many of these types of events but they were much different. The takeaways from this gathering, for us, were both enlightening and powerful.

Rather than attempting to recap the agenda I would like to express some of my observations and how they make your garage door experience better and better.

I have this need to try and rate the people, whom I’ve never met, in a conference like this based on the way the hold themselves, speak, and their individual attentiveness. Not entirely sure where or when I started this but I like to try and find the “smartest person in the room” with my cursory assessment.

Here’s the thing, down to the person I couldn’t find one, or there wasn’t a clear favorite anyway. All walks of life were in attendance and what I found so compelling was the fact that these folks deeply care about the quality of products they carry, install, and service. They hold our parent corporation accountable and can be vocal when they are in need of a change or something new to meet a customer need thus making them happier and more satisfied.

I noticed early on that, as a group, we arrived early for seminars took copious notes and asked many questions. What struck me the most was the number of owner/operators that had noticeable work indicators. Having grease on an elbow or fingernails that had probably never seen a manicure made me proud to be a part of this group. These business owners are out there in your markets providing service and meeting with customers personally. They take complete ownership of each and every job because it still matters when you put your name on a product or installation. Based on the success of these distributors it’s clear the customers appreciate that as well.

Fact: We are Overhead Door™ Red Ribbon distributors. Fact: We display the Red Ribbon proudly whenever and wherever we can. Fact: There is a large company, Overhead Door™, which manufactures and provides us with product. Fact: These owners would NOT sell the product if they didn’t believe it to be the best. Fact: Each one of the owners cares not only about their customers but about their employees as well.

When you make a call to a Red Ribbon dealer you are not calling a corporate headquarters. You are calling a local businessperson that cares deeply about your experience and his or her ability to provide you with industry leading garage door products and service.

I would be remiss if I didn’t make this point too and you’re going to have to take my word for it. That parent company Overhead Door™ is aligned perfectly with these small business owners and demonstrates on a daily basis the same level of caring.

Our products, processes and systems are built entirely around one simple National, Regional, Local concept – to provide you with nothing but the best possible garage door experience.

It’s that simple,

Your Overhead Door™ Team

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