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Your Shed and Our Garage Doors

The typical Monday morning conversation turned into something I personally hadn’t considered. This Monday was extra special as the NFL football season just wrapped up the official Sunday opening. Ken, our General Manager, is an enormous Dallas Cowboys fan and I always treasure the banter after they lose. I’m not a Cowboys fan by the … Continued

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Garage Door Troubleshooting Tip of the Day

In keeping with the spirit of Garage Door Saftey Month. One of the most frequent phone calls we receive, from a service standpoint, is customer’s remote control(s) for their garage door opener failing to work. Assuming that all the batteries haven’t gone bad at the same time there is one simple test you can run. … Continued

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Garage Door and Operator Safety

The garage door is most likey the largest moving item in your house. Most home owners need to be reminded that like all other mechanical equipment, garage doors need to be checked routinely for maintenance. If you think about the weight of a garage door sitting over your head and having it potentially falling towards … Continued

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