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Dress it Up for a New Look

Have you ever bought shoes from a major chain? I mean a store that specializes in only shoes or sneaks, not a department store. You find the perfect pair of footwear for your style and budget hopefully from a friendly and polite salesperson. You box them up and head to the checkout. It is at … Continued

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Overhead Door ™ and Denmark Drivers – No Shortcuts

My youngest son is 16 and has his driver’s license. Being the second child of mine to get his license my angst about handing him the keys for the first time was lessened greatly. Our friends have kids that are or have just reached the age of driving. I am able to empathize with them … Continued

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Owners, General Managers, and a Simple Question

Dave and Kim Ripley own the Overhead Door™ distributorships for Albany New York and Rutland Vermont. I happen to have the pleasure of working for them. Through a series of unique coincidences, a little luck, and a mutual friend I sit at one of the two locations every day. They have two of the best … Continued

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Kids, Trains, Dirt, and Tracks

Who doesn’t love a good train? For those of us who don’t live in a area where trains frequently run it’s simply a delight to have to stop at a railroad crossing and wait for a train. It’s quite a spectacle seeing something that big and that heavy to be moving along at such a … Continued

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Don’t Forget the Little Guys and you’ll keep Rollin’

I happened to be out of the house on Saturday morning around 8:30am. That’s not really unusual except this time I was actually going somewhere with a purpose. Normally I’m out that early to avoid things like making breakfast, doing laundry or the honey-do lists my wife so delightfully hands me on Friday nights. Today … Continued

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Of Tennis Balls and Your Garage

Not sure where this little tip originated but if you’ve got 15 minutes or so to spare it’s well worth the minimal effort. Hanging a tennis ball on a string in your garage helps you to easily determine where to stop and conversely know your car is far enough inside for your garage door to … Continued

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Overhead Door of Albany™ – Customer Service from the Top

We understand that you have many choices when seeking out a garage door for your home. In today’s “digital-connected-mobile-internet” world you can do a tremendous amount of research without ever leaving the comfort of your home and we get that. First, it’s easy. Second, it’s comfortable and third, you run absolutely no risk of purchasing … Continued

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Overhead Garage Doors – It’s about the Ribbon, Always

There’s a reason that Red Ribbon says The Genuine. The Original. and that’s because it’s not only who we are it’s the truth. 1921 was a good year for garage doors, or more specifically, the upward-lifting garage door. You see, that was the year C.G. Johnson invented them and the Overhead Door™ brand was born. … Continued

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Garage Door Safety!

The garage door is most likey the largest moving item in your house. Most home owners need to be reminded that like all other mechanical equipment, garage doors need to be checked routinely for maintenance. If you think about the weight of a garage door sitting over your head and having it potentially falling towards … Continued

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